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Client: Creation Grill Santa Monica, CA

Client: Creation Grill Santa Monica, CA

pos-systems-for-small-businessesSanta Monica, CA – Santa Monica is a locale rich in culture and has been for a long time. There is a great diversity of shops and restaurants, and the selection is ever growing. Creation Grill is one of these businesses, and a great addition to the community of Santa Monica.

Creation Grill, located at 2901 Ocean Park Blvd Ste 127, is a Mediterranean cookhouse with its roots all over Los Angeles. Persian Mediterranean food has a variety of dishes consisting of roasted meats served with rice or with pitas and many different greens. The Shekarchi family recipes have withstood the test of time and proven a success in all their ventures, and have even been recognized by the city multiple times including ‘best meat on a stick’. Now they are bringing their amazing food and warm familial feelings to Santa Monica.

Creation Grill holds to a natural and rustic yet cozy theme, from their beautiful reclaimed wood decor and red brick walls to their everyday fresh food and coffee made to order. The menu boasts a variety of meats and veggies from chicken and beef to lamb and salmon. There are various salads, wraps, and vegetarian dishes, each with a plethora of side dishes. They even have a special breakfast menu for those who would come in during the early hours.

creation-grill-photos-11The award winning Intelligentsia coffee is also served at Creation Grill, adding a touch of new age trendiness to the age-old familiarities of a family restaurant. This perfect fusion of modern and vintage creates an inherently extraordinary experience for anyone who would choose to dine here. Lines were out the door on their grand opening day, so one can only imagine the buzz that will bring to this unique corner of Santa Monica.

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